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Inspired by the "Solution for Lithuania" initiative, the "Student Practice Forum" is born in Kaunas. The solutions found during the discussions of this forum will become part of Lithuania's strategic plan and will provide the basis for shaping Lithuania's 2050 vision. The Forum aims to introduce students to working in advanced companies, to show the skills needed to succeed in a given field, and to present opportunities for improvement and practice.

Forum Program

Presidential Greeting

Emotional Environment: What It Means For Us?

The emotional climate has a huge impact not only on our relationships with other people, but also on our creativity, ability to work, attitudes, motivation, self-awareness and self-confidence. During the discussion we will discuss the main challenges and solutions to ensure a good psychological climate at school. We will look for answers to the question, how can students improve their performance by improving their emotional environment? And yet, what is that emotional environment? How to make it positive? You can find a list of related speakers and panelists here.

Financial Knowledge: Why Do We Need It?

Studies show that a person's well-being is highly dependent on financial knowledge and skills. Moreover, the financial capacity of children and young people affects even seemingly non-financial areas, such as academic achievement or psychological health. However, specialists note that children and young people from other European countries and Lithuania lack financial knowledge. Financial literacy and mathematics knowledge of Lithuanian students in dangerous lowlands. What is at stake? And how should that be changed? You can find a list of related speakers and panelists here.

Technological Century: Are Schools Prepared?

The 21st century is the age of information, technology and constant change. Today's five-year-old is already facing more information than his parents in their twenties. The task of a modern school is no longer limited to providing a narrow knowledge of individual subjects. Technological literacy, as the ability to understand, use, evaluate and manage technology, is essential for developing a young person's ability to adapt well to a constantly changing world. Are schools ready for this? You can find a list of related speakers and panelists here.

Future Profession: How to Choose?

The modern global world is becoming increasingly uncertain and full of changes, making the labor market unpredictable. Thousands of young people start the big way of their lives every year. Some of them were directed by parents or teachers, others were, or will be, chosen by themselves. What’s waiting for the turn? What are the essentials when choosing a profession so that a young person can look forward to a promising career, an exciting job and a happy future? You can find a list of related speakers and panelists here.

Getting Familiar with Advanced Organisations

Business should be an integral partner of schools - it can help students better understand the needs of the 21st century labor market, the challenges at work and the competences needed to acquire it. In business enterprises, students can see what would be hard to know otherwise - how different technological processes are implemented, work is organized, new products are created and introduced to the market. Guided tours of companies, working in their laboratories and familiarizing themselves with the technological processes being developed in business should become a regular rather than commemorative practice of the school.

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